Laura and Luigi Giordano collection

The collection includes artworks by different generations of artists. The work of historicized artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Arnulf Rainer, George Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer, Miriam Kahn, Wolfgang Laib, William Kentridge, and Antony Gormley is flanked by that of such artists as Roland Flexner, Roberto Cuoghi, Elmgreen & Dragset and the younger Gina Folly, Anne Ihmof, Diego Marcon. Of particular interest is the vastrange of mediums and genres present in the collection. Rischa Paterlini supports Laura and Luigi Giordano in the process of archiving their collection.


Hermann AlbertDie Zwei Schwestern ( Kammend) , 1994

Hermann AlbertMann Mit Rose Und Frau, 1994

Pawel AlthamerGondola (in collaboration with Grupa Nowolipie), 2011

Siegfried AnzingerElektra, 1984

Siegfried AnzingerIcarus, 1984

Siegfried AnzingerGamba d'asparago, 1985

Siegfried AnzingerSenza Titolo, 1997

Donald BaechlerOctagon Fleur, 1997

Trisha BagaIf these walls could talk 2, 2014

George BaselitzSenza Titolo, 1983

Gabriele BasilicoBeirut 1991, 2007

Vanessa BeecroftVB26, 1997

Jacopo BenassiUntitled, 2022

Luca BertoloRitornello 1 - Tavola per devozione privata, 1998

Benni BosettoHow many bodies have you carried into your meditation?, 2022

Pablo BronsteinTeatro Alessandro Scarlatti First Proposals, 2011

Günter BrusFremdes Licht Treibt..., 1980

Miriam CahnKlangkorper, 2004

Gillian CarnegieUntitled, 2001

Whitney Claflinno quiz, 2015

Roberto CuoghiF(IIA)I, 2005

Enrico DavidUntitled, 2011

Verne DawsonUntitled, 1994

Binta DiawPaysage Corporel, 2021

Martin DislerDer Steuermann, 1984

Martin DislerSenza Titolo, 1989

Zehra DoganYekbun (Unity), 2020

Tim EllisUntitled in different Guises LXV, 2011

Elmgreen & DragsetWhen A Country Fears Itself, 2017

Klodin ErbVogel, 2009

Rainer FettingDesmond, 1983

Rainer FettingKahle Baume sylt IX, 1985

Rainer FettingReclining nude with legs on chair, 1988

David FinnMasked Figure (Rana Donna), 1984-1985

Roland FlexnerUntitled (Skulls), 2007

Gina FollyDomestic Problems , 2016

Günther FörgMosca

Yang FudongDon't worry, 2000

Enej GalaSupposed friend, 2012

Enej GalaThe Cut , 2012

Georgia Gardner GrayCaffeine, 2017

GelitinStrozzi Pappolozzi, 2006

Goutam GhoshPowder, 2015

Nicola GobbettoCinderella Castle, 2006

Antony GormleyPeer, 1983/1984

Miryam HaddadL'ecume des protecteurs, 2020

Gabriel HartleyKiss, 2010

Gabriel HartleyUntitled, 2010

Mona HatoumHair grids with knots (3), 2009

Thomas HelbigHirn, 2007

Uwe HennekenJohann, 2008

Karl Horst HodickeFeuerroter Reiter, 1985

Klara HosnedlovaUntitled from the series KNIZE, 2018

Ida Tursic & Wilfried MilleAbstract painting with Camenbert, 2019

Anne Imhof069 H, 1st of at least twelve (Der Schwan), 2016

David JablonowskiStill life with asparagus, Dim Sum voucher, 2014

Merlin JamesAudience for fire, 2006-2008

Brad KahlhamerColorado with South Dakota Trees, 2001

William KentridgeOffice Love, 2001

William KentridgePortes Series: Egypte, 2002-2006

Anselm KieferCette obscure clarté qui tombe des étoiles, 1991-1992

Anselm KieferUntitled, 1996

Bernd KoberlingSenza Titolo, 1982

David KortyUntitled, 2001

Brandon LandersShell, 2017

Andrea LehmannAdvice Bunny, 2007

Richard LongUntitled, 2002

Ibrahim MahamaBintu Daabebi, 2014/2015

Ibrahim MahamaUntitled, 2019

Diego MarconPour vos beaux yeux, 2013

Hugo MarklBrown - North Carolina, 2004

Hugo MarklBrown - Tennessee, 2004

Hugo MarklBrown - Wyoming, 2004

Hugo MarklBrown -Homepages, 2004

Eliseo MattiacciPunti luce, 2011

Gisela McDanielMina'lak, Continue 2020, 2020

Till MegerleUntitled dittico, 2016

Sofia MitsolaPom Pom, Lady of the Sycamore, 2020

Sabah NaimUntitled, 2002

Hermann Nitsch101/90 Schuttbild, 1990

Hermann NitschK7/90 Schuttbild, 1990

NunzioSenza Titolo, 1990

Mona Osman Eaten by Facticity, 2019

David OstrowskiF (Dann Lieber nein), 2012

Mimmo PaladinoSenza Titolo (Strabat Mater), 1989

Athena Papadopoulous88 CHEERS, (Blooze IV), 2019

Philippe ParrenoFade to Black, 2018

Pascale Marthine TayouWhite Chalk, Johannesburg Drawing 1997-2001, 2007

Anna PerachMother of Egg, 2019

Piero Pizzi CannellaViaggio a Tunisi, 1989

Pierluigi PusoleRaiquattrovision, 1994

Arnulf RainerSenza Titolo, 1985

Robin RhodePromenade, 2008

Tanja RoscicUntitled, Don’t worry. I’m fine series, 2010

Jean-Fredric SchnyderMery 88

Norbert SchwontkowskiUntitled, 1996

Norbert SchwontkowskiSenza Titolo, 2003

Augustas SerapinasSemptember 30th, 2018

Kiki SmithVis consili expers mole ruit sua, 2000

Valerie SnobeckThe Sectional, 2012-2013

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